Jan 21, 2015

Missing days

  EXO, my everything had landed Fukuoka in November. I couldn’t imagine it three years ago… I thought I couldn’t see them otherwise I go to Tokyo or Seoul. It was like a dream for me! They did concert for THREE days, and of course I went all day. I never thought to see them everyday in Kyusyu, so the week was like heaven. First and second day, I went with my friend since like EXO before debut. We became like EXO together and we were classmate. I caught second day’s ticket, and my friend caught first day’s one. We couldn’t know our seat before enter the venue, so we were nervous. In the venue, we gave the ticket and… we were the FIRST line!!! We were really happy and very close to them! It was like a dream… On second day, we went and we were nevus like the first day, and the seat was not good, rather good!
  The friend couldn’t go to the third day, so I went with my friend living Kurume. But the day was first time to see each. We became friends on Twitter, but we were very close to send letters each other. She was really good person as on Twitter, I thought after met. So we could enjoy a lot whether it was first met. We hugged when we said good-bye and we promised we would see again. It was really good encounter.

  In next March, EXO will hold the concert in Seoul for four days, so I’m planning to go. The day of ticketing of it was today, and we can buy it from oversea, so I challenge to get the ticket, but server has gone because of their popularity. The start of ticketing was 8 o’clock, but we can’t connect the website still now. But I’ll never give up! I’ll go there at any cost!

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The best day of winter vacation

  On the Christmas, I went to Universal Studios Japan with my sister. The concert of EXO was held in Osaka on December 22th to 24th, but I couldn’t catch the ticket, so we went to Osaka to breath same air with EXO. And we had a slight expectation that their coming of USJ, so we went there. Our expectation was broken but we could enjoy! We stayed the official hotel of USJ, the nearest hotel. The room was cute and confortable. The day of going to USJ, we woke up early to get the “express pass.” If you have it, you don’t need to line up long time. Express pass is magical item. But many people want to buy it, it has been sold out the ticket counter opening after soon. But we could buy it our staying official hotel, and earlier than park’s ticket counter. We woke up at around 6 o’clock and wait at lobby of hotel. An hour later, we could buy the pass! Then we ate breakfast buffet and lined at gate. The park opening time was 9 o’clock, but it opened at 8:15, and the time we began to line was five minutes before opening, so we lined few time. It was the first time to enter the park such early phase.

  After entering park, everyone dashed to the area of Harry Potter. We also dashed, but it was hard to continue running because the area is too far from gate. We ran as we as possible though, at the time we reached the Hogwarts castle, we had to lined about 20 minutes. But I knew it was very short. At the noon, we had to line about 250 minutes to 300 minutes, so I planed to use Express Pass at noon. Last September, I went to USJ with my friend, so I already rode the attraction three times. But it was first for sister, so she enjoyed a lot. We could ride many attractions the power of our magical item and we really enjoyed. We also enjoyed eating and taking pictures. It was great Christmas present from our parents.

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Coming of age day

  Finally I become an adult last week! On January 12th was coming of age day. I’m still 19 years old now, but I’m an adult in my heart. Actually, I was not looking forward this ceremony but it was very fun and memorable.

  At first, I was planning to wear my mother’s Kimono because my mother said it was expensive at that time and I agreed it. My mother’s one was designed by Guy Laroche, a famous fashion designer, and there is only one in the world. But it was little bit quiet design for the ceremony, so we planned to change the Obi to gaudy one. But at the place searching Obi, we changed our mind that wearing my mother’s one because no one Kimono was there as quiet design as my mother’s. So we concluded buy the new one. But it was early December, so there were few time to choose. Miraculously, we found a great Internet site. The shop is in Kyoto, so we were afraid to chose without seeing real one, but there was no way another. We chose red Kimono and purple Obi, and we amazed it arrived during December with making over my order.
   After those moments I could reach Coming of age day! I could many friends and we took many picture. Especially it was very fun to take pictures at Kumamoto Castle. I went there with my two best friends. There were many foreign tourists, and we were asked to take picture with the tourists. Maybe we took about ten to fifteen tourist groups. I felt it was honor and I was glad every tourist said to us “congratulation,” and “beautiful!” We could make never forgettable memory.

  In the evening, an alumni association of junior high school was held. Actually I didn’t want to go there because I took an examination to enter the school and miraculously passed, so my junior high school’s level was very high. All of them passed great university, including Tokyo University and Kyoto University. I thought everyone is good at studying still now, so they must be surprise at me, but everyone was good for me and I really enjoyed the time. I thought it was relief to attend. We also enjoyed taking picture and chatting. This Coming of age day will never forgettable for me.


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Typing: My favorite movie

My favorite movie is "One Day." It is last movie I watched. I rent on iTunes and watched last week. Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess are appearing on it and they act as Emma and Dexter. The story is about their relation. From the graduation day, the first time they met, Emma fell to Dexter, but they chose go along as "friend." But after years, many things happened to each Emma and Dexter. For example, Emma became a famous poetess and has a boyfriend, and Dexter became a famous TV program's MC but he fired because his popular has fell down. They met sometimes but it hasn’t changed relationship between Emma and Dexter. But one day, Dexter visited Emma with her boyfriend. Dexter forgive to tell his love and tried to back, but Emma chased him and finally they fell in love. After years, the unbelievable affair caused to them…

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Typing: My favorite TV show

My favorite TV show is music program. In particular, I always watch Korean music program. In my house, we contract cable television, so I can watch some Korean TV program on live broadcast. Even among them, I like M countdown the best. It is broadcasted every Thursday and I watch it every week. The commercial are also broadcasted, so I can get Korean latest trend. There are same commercials as Japanese ones. For example, UNIQLO, iPhone, and softener commercials are same as Japans. I also like music countdown program. They are about five specialty channels about music on cable television and I like MTV the best. MTV always broadcasts K-POP and US POP countdown TV program. Sometimes it lives award ceremony and I watched VMA last summer.
If I have time when I feel any interest to TV programs, I always watch BBC News and CNN. I can't understand all but it may affect my English skills.  

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